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The Why


Making the world better one wave at a time

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Our Story

Evan Thomas McMillen, was a son, brother, nephew, boyfriend, and friend. His energy and love for life was abundant and present in every thing he did. He had many passions, but his primary one was helping others and his goals and aspirations were in alignment. Through hardwork and preserverance Evan had become one of California’s rising professional body boarders. Although he had aspired to become a firefighter and life guard outside of the water, body boarding and being in the water was where he loved to be.

Tragically, Evan passed away in surfing related accident on January 15th, 2023. His family, girlfriend, friends, and community have been absolutely devastated by his loss, and are struggling to move on with out him by our sides. In an effort to heal, and keep him alive in spirit LLETMRIDE organization has been founded. Our goal is to keeping him alive through carrying on his passions in life. We will begin to carry on his legacy of helping others through education, community outreach, and conservation.

Our Mission

At LLETMRIDE we strive to promote education, conservation, and community outreach. We look to do this in all activities that take place in the surf. Surf was everything to Evan Thomas McMillen, and is why we will focus initially on ocean and near shore related activities during our initial campaigns. 

Our main focus is bringing awareness to water safety and conservation through education. We will look to accomplish this through in person, virtual events, activism, and community outreach. Secondly, we look to help those interested in bodyboarding, surfing, or Jr. Life Guards, assistance where needed. Whether that being training, or financial assistance, we aim to help those in need.

Our  organization is operated entirely by volunteers. Services, provided are either fulfilled by volunteers, donated services, or paid for by fundraising activities. The goal is to reach as many people as possible, foster our ideals, and making the world better one wave at a time.